The perfect ride on the Bohinj lake3 min read

The perfect ride on the Bohinj lake3 min read

Panoramic boat for the perfect ride on the lake

Public transportation on Lake Bohinj is not something new since it has been present in many forms for more than 100 years. The history of organized transport on the lake dates back to 1910 when a regular boat line started operating. The wooden Bogomila boat transported people from Ribčev Laz to Ukanc twice a day, i.e. from the Church of St John the Baptist to the Zlatorog Hotel and back.

First public transportation on Lake Bohinj – Bogomila boat

One of the most important chapters in public transport on Lake Bohinj started in 2000. Bohinj Municipality partnered up with Ramsau Municipality from Germany and with the help of donations, it purchased a boat from them and brought it from Königsee to Lake Bohinj. The route was more than 250 km long and the journey took 3 days because the cargo vehicle was only able to drive a maximum of 30 km/h due to the heavy load. The boat was named Bohinj.

Boat Bohinj on its way into the harbor

It was found quite soon that only one boat was not enough for the large Lake Bohinj, therefore, a couple of years later, another boat named Zlatorog started operating. In the past few years, the Bohinj boat has sailed alone on the lake, since there were some big plans prepared for the Zlatorog boat. This year the boat is waiting for a proud come back with a refreshed image and a new name, Triglav Rose.
Designer Jaka Verbič was inspired to design the exterior of the Triglav Rose by the traditional architecture of alpine huts on the Zajamniki pasture. There is no space for decorations there; the buildings, however, give the feeling of safe shelter, just like the Triglav Rose boat. The functional element of a wooden shade that the upper part of the vessel boasts, has been stylistically designed by recreating the stone arch of the bridge at the Church of St John. The curve that cuts the lower edge of the shade element, reminds us of the place where Lake Bohinj starts, a place where each visitor first meets the beauty of this environment. Meager in decorations and rich insincerity – this was the main idea of designing the interior. Wooden benches are a part of the environment, so they were also integrated into the vessel. The interior of the boat has been designed functionally, pleasantly, and by considering various options of boat use. Tourist views and regular boat rides on the lake will be supplemented by musical and culinary events as well as weddings.

Conceptual design of Triglav Rose boat

A lot of time was spent on the new design since such an object must be designed carefully to preserve its main purpose, to consider the wonderful environment that attracts visitors from all over the world with its natural beauty. The vessel must be as one with the lake, to upgrade the view from the shore. At the same time, it must enable passengers to enjoy the unique panoramic views that open up from the boat.

Transportation of Triglav Rose to the lake

Triglav Rose (ex Zlatorog) is not a quick boat; its qualities include safety, comfort, and wellbeing. Bohinj and its surroundings are beautiful, but also a “harsh” environment. Through history, there have not been many options for solutions that did not fulfill their tasks well. The things that have been preserved have stood proud and carried on their mission until today. The boat Triglav Rose (ex Zlatorog) is one such thing.

Welcome home Triglav Rose

The cherry on top is the beautiful view of the lake surface, mirroring the lush green meadows and the rising peaks.

Triglav Rose sheltered by Goldenhorn. Fairytale came to life.

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Written by Lucija Rozman

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