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Planina pod Golico

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The villages of Planina pod Golico, Prihodi, and Plavški Rovt are all part of the same local community. They are situated on the southern slopes of the mountains Golica and Klek, at altitudes between 800 and 1,000 metres above sea level. Golica is world-renowned because of the Avsenik folk music ensemble tune entitled Na Golici (On Mt Golica), and because of the daffodils which cover its slopes and lower‑lying meadows in a white blanket every year. The daffodils’ blooming period depends on the weather conditions, but it is generally expected between late April and late May. The Savske jame area beneath Golica is renowned for its mines, where iron ore was extracted until the early 20th century. Only the entrance to the Korlnov rov mine has been preserved to date, and can be seen at the side of the road leading through the Savske jame area. The Ortenburg Mining Regulations of 1381 were significant for miners working at Savske jame, as they regulated their duties, rights and freedoms. They are the oldest document regarding the legal regulation of the status of miners in Slovenia.
The Tourist Society of the Holy Cross above Jesenice was established as far back as 1935, and invited tourists to the area for its healing climate. The society declined with World War II and its tradition is today continued by the Golica Tourist Society, which has been maintaining tourist infrastructure and organising the main events.
Everyone who enjoys nature and respects its beauty is invited to visit. One can choose from a variety of leisure activities:

  • hiking on the slopes of the mountains Golica (1,835m), Klek (1,753m), Rožca
    (1,587m) and Španov vrh (1,334m),
  • mountain biking on forest roads across the Karavanke ridge,
  • exploring the history of mining along the ancient mining route between the Stara
    Sava in the town of Jesenice and the Savske jame mining area,
  • exploring the village on a circular route called The Secrets of Planina pod Golico,
  • horse riding at Smolej – Uric Farm,
  • sports climbing at Graben and Pod Golico climbing walls.

In May, during the expected largest visit of daffodil admirers, a free bus line will be established for visitors to Planina pod Golico and Javorniški Rovt on the routes Jesenice – Planina pod Golico and Jesenice – Javorniški Rovt (Pristava). The bus with a congested timetable will stop at all public passenger transport stops on its route.

 Timetable of buses 

Source text and photos: Archive TIC Planina pod Golico – Blaž Lavtar 

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