Panoramic boat rides on the lake Bohinj3 min read

Panoramic boat rides on the lake Bohinj3 min read

The story of the panoramic boat rides on Lake Bohinj begins in the year of 2000, when the Municipality of Bohinj purchased the boat from Municipality of Ramsau in Germany and brought it home from Lake Königsee. More than 250km long journey lasted almost 3 days, as the speed of the truck could not exceed 30 km/h due to heavy loads (over 10 tons).

First voyage of boat Bohinj. Foto: Srečo Vida
First voyage of boat Bohinj. Foto: Srečo Vida

The boat was named Bohinj. It is 14 meters long and takes 52 passengers. There was no such mean of transportation at that time on Lake Bohinj and the boat quickly became a recognised addition to the tourist offer. The boat is powered by an electric engine, as this is the only type of engine allowed on Lake Bohinj due to Triglav National Park restrictions, so the ride is very calm and quiet, and of course sustainable.
Soon it turned out that only one boat was not sufficient for the spacious Lake Bohinj, consequently in the year of 2004 boat Bohinj got company, a boat named Zlatorog, which was even bigger, 20 meters long and could take 75 passengers.

Welcome, boat Zlatorog. Foto: Srečo Vida

In the past few years, boat Bohinj has sailed alone on the lake again, since there were some big plans prepared for boat Zlatorog, now called the Triglav Rose. This summer, boat Triglav Rose is waiting for a proud comeback with a refreshed image. A lot of time was spent on the new design, since such an object must be designed carefully to preserve its main purpose, to consider the wonderful environment that attracts visitors from all over the world with its natural beauty. The vessel must be as one with the lake, to upgrade the view from the shore. At the same time, it must enable passengers to enjoy the unique panoramic views that open up from the boat. Triglav Rose will not be a quick boat; its qualities include safety, comfort and well being. Tourist views and regular boat rides on the lake will be supplemented by musical and culinary events as well as weddings.

All new boat named Triglav Rose (ex Zlatorog). Designed by Jaka Verbič

The boat ride is a pleasant experience for both tourists and locals. In the unspoiled nature of the Triglav National Park, you can admire the lake and the high mountains that rise above it, the surrounding villages, green meadows and lush forests. Experienced, friendly crew welcomes you to the boat and gives you information about the boat, lake, history and legends, attractions and activities in the surrounding area. Did you know that the water in Lake Bohinj completely renews itself three times a year? Or, in the immediate vicinity of the lake, there is the Govic cave, from which, in periods of great rainfall, the waterfall of the same name erupts? And if we tell you there is also a dragon sleeping in that cave? You can find out all this and more, if you visit us.

Boats as seen from viewpoint Peč. Foto: Andy Aungthwin

The boat service runs from April to November. The ride takes 30 minutes in one direction. You can decide for either one-way or a return trip. One-way ticket costs 9 € per person and if you buy a return ticket, the price will be 10,50 € per person. Buying a return ticket enables our guests to leave the boat on the other side of the lake, explore the surroundings, and return with a later ride, the frequency of the trips depends on the season. Near the lake there is the Ski center Vogel, Savica waterfall, Church of St. John the Baptist, Mostnica gorge, stunning viewpoints of Vogar, Rudnica, Peč, and more. Welcome aboard!

Among our satisfied passengers are also four-legged friends. Foto: Lucija Rozman
On the way into the harbour. Foto: Anže Papler

Written by Lucija Rozman –  Panoramic Tourist Boat  Facebook


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