One-day round tour to the Triglav Lakes1 min read

One-day round tour to the Triglav Lakes1 min read

I’ve already written about what an amazing country this is, but despite all of its unique qualities, hands down my favourite part of Slovenia is the spectacular mountainous area of the Triglav National Park, the largest protected area in Slovenia covering 838 square kilometres, which encompasses Mt. Triglav and most of the 400 2K+ peaks found in the country. To be honest, the setting with pristine lakes, small streams and towering mountains couldn’t be more beautiful, inspiring or just plain divine. Why would you not hike there?

With that in mind Lisa and I took our English friends Ted and his pup Scout for an amazing round hike to the first three Triglav Lakes last week to enjoy remote wilderness and empty trails. Mesmerising!
150 m long, 80 m wide and 6 m deep, the Black Lake (Slo. Črno jezero) was larger than usual due to the abundance of rain in the past few weeks

Source text and photos: Neja – Exploring Slovenia – click here for the whole content

Main photo: Marko

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