Kamnik Savinja Alps2 min read

Kamnik Savinja Alps2 min read

The Kamnik–Savinja Alps are a mountain range of the Southern Limestone Alps. They lie in northern Slovenia, except for the northernmost part, which lies in Austria.
Rising on the edge of European Alps, Kamnik Alps are high enough to offer splendid vistas.
Their area is 900 square kilometers. They look like Carnic Alps or Julian Alps – steep, rugged, with high and almost vertical north walls and with much less steep southern slopes.
The Kamnik–Savinja Alps are located south of the Karawanks range at the border of Austria and Slovenia, stretching from the Sava River in the west to the Savinja in the east, where the adjacent Slovenian Prealps with the Pohorje range, the Celje Hills at the Dravinja River, as well as the Sava Hills are located. There is also a small glacier below Mount Skuta, which is the easternmost glacier in the Southern Alps.

You can enjoy all outdoor activities in Kamnik and Savinja Alps. There are quite popular resorts: Jezersko, Krvavec, Velika planina, the Logar Valley,… As for mountaineering, this is a great place for hiking, climbing, from short to long routes, all grades of difficulty, tour skiing, mountain biking, …

Photographer Wassily Almasidis wrote:

“I shot this photograph on December 25th in the small village of Ig near Ljubljana while I was wandering in the nature hoping to find something worth of capturing. I observed the mountains the time I was there and I had to wait for the perfect day to allow me a good depiction. The village has this magnificent view of a part of the Alps and that particular day the sun was very flattering on these mountains therefore I decided to set up my tripod and capture it. After a few minutes these eye pleasuring colours of the mountains disappeared so I was pretty a bit lucky with that. I tried to avert heavy editing thus resulting in a very natural looking image with little light adjustments.”

Photo: Wassily Almasidis 

Destination Jezersko

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