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Steel and daffodils. Art and history. They go hand in hand in the opera and theatre, or in the mighty old buildings of the Old Sava.

Among the never forgotten memories of the foundries and their masters weave thoughts of the iron founders, steel and iron workers with hard hands and sullen, tired faces who shaped the iron ore. Subdued and humiliated again and again, they served foreign masters. They had to work for them, live in their houses and even buy bread from them. Steel made here is built into the Eiffel Tower, into the CERN accelerator, some of it sank with the Titanic…

Source: Text TIC Jesenice, Main photo: Miro Podgoršek

Photo Gallery: Miha Vahčič, Gregor Vidmar, Miro Podgoršek and Aleš Krivec

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