Camping Kamne Dovje1 min read

Camping Kamne Dovje1 min read

In an idyllic alpine resort of two villages Dovje and Mojstrana, is situated the pleasant and peaceful Kamne campsite. Small, family owned camping can accommodate up to 200 guests. Guests can stay in their tents, caravans, camper vans or hire a bungalow, bivouac or an apartment house. Campsite Kamne is suitable for guests who are looking for a quiet holiday in nature. Triglav National Park offers numerous possibilities for short family trips on foot or on bicycles.

View from the campsite

New offer is available this year – the Bivouac

Bivouac is wooden mountain refuge suitable for 2 guests. Inventory consists of two beds, small fridge, wooden chairs and small table. Guests can use electric power and WiFi. No water and no cooking possibility. Sanitary facilities are close by. Bedding is included in the price. Animals are not allowed.

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